The plastic bottle market is one of the industries that have taken great steps to reduce the number of materials used. Kanaka Polypack prioritizes sustainable use of materials to provide a positive impact on the environment.

Reduce: With our efficient use of resources and strategic planning, we have paved all ways to reduce waste at the source itself. Using an only single type of polymer and relying on only what is required helps in waste management.
Reuse: Our design expertise helps us to design packaging solutions that can be reused.
Recycle: The HDPE bottles are recyclable and lead to a sustainable approach. LDPE, which is lightweight, is a good approach towards plastic waste management as it requires minimal use of plastic. Our highly experienced team has put its hands on educating society on a sustainable approach towards the environment.

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Sustainable packaging

Our sustainable packaging strategy evens to create systemic change through a circular economy for our packaging from how bottles and cans are designed and manufactured to how they are recycled and reused.


We are focused on increasing recycling rates and driving a more circular economy by incorporating it into our packaging.


The material that is compostable in municipal and industrial waste management facilities. This means that material breaks down anaerobically (without oxygen) and produces carbon dioxide, water, and biogas as by-products. Due to quality and shelf-life issues, various countries still have strict norms for using biodegradable material freely in food packaging.